tiany is a daydreamer and travel lover
who prefer wearing cotton dress, skirt, or comfy pants (not jeans!) on a holiday 

she defined herself as a flashpacker, 
not a traveler because she still loves going to the mainstream travel destinations
not a tourist because she always made her own trip itineraries, never use travel agent services 
not a backpacker because she is prioritize her comfort and often use her suitcase for traveling

she loves to read, watch tv series all day, getting a massage and eating comfort food on a bad day
currently still trying to survive in a public relations world,
she is hoping that she could have more than 12 days personal leave per year

always appreciates every little things that happened in her life, 
she still waiting and looking for her 'prince charming'
and dreamed that someday she could going Umrah, traveling to Turkey and Japan


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